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 Jihibukaitsuta (慈悲深い蔦| Benevolent Ivy)(WIP)

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Lucius Lorendo

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PostSubject: Jihibukaitsuta (慈悲深い蔦| Benevolent Ivy)(WIP)   Mon Jun 13, 2016 11:07 am

Name:Jihibukaitsuta (慈悲深い蔦| Benevolent Ivy)

Manifestation:His spirit, is a bartender, a male one, that has long slick hair. The hair glistens like there's oil in it, and goes down to about his neck. His skin is tan, and tends to be as smooth as a babys skin. Hell, if you looked at him, first site would be thinking he's a model most likely. He also wears a black suit, with black pants.

On rare occasion, when Luci comes into the spirit world angry, the man tends to be wearing a leather coat


Release Phrase ShiKai: Numb Them, Jihibukaitsuta



Sealed Zanpakuto:It's simply two katanas.

[shikai]Initial Release:(appearance during Shikai)

Shikai Ability:(ability when it's in Shikai form)


Release Phrase Banki: (What is your command phrase?)

Bankai form:(appearance during bankai)

Bankai Ability:(your zanpakuto's ability during Bankai, No god mode)

Techniques: (use this template for all Techniques)
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Jihibukaitsuta (慈悲深い蔦| Benevolent Ivy)(WIP)
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