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Phoenix Cipher
Phoenix Cipher

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PostSubject: Phoenix Cipher   Phoenix Cipher I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2016 11:06 pm

Name: Cipher Phoenix
Nickname/Alias: Ciph
Race: Arrsouka
Gender: Male
Age: 17

General Appearance: Cipher wears a small crown on his head with a red gem on the front and back Light blue button up shirt with one short sleeve and one sleeve that covers his left hand and black bowtie that has the letter L6 on it,Cipher has a blue vest over his shirt that has white skull on the back with ebony eyes and on missing tooth in the front.  

Height: 5'6
Weight: 150 lbs

Personality: Cipher is really witty and loves to make jokes on others fails just like his father before him. He tries to understand people but has trouble telling when people are getting serious due to the fact that he never really learned how to.  He can be very childish when he doesn't get his way and heats to be played by people. Cipher can't help himself when cake or chocolate is involved with anything which is why he gets into so of his problems, Cipher loves to take 3 hour naps after doing extremely long missions or anything that involves fighting but if he is interrupted during his nap for any reason he will make lose all reason and go on a killing spree. He goes about his day not really letting too much bother him but in doing this it allows most things just fly over his head. He is really clumsy around girls that have big Brest and will pass out if one is to close to him.

Cipher has the tendency to overdo things which is why he doesn’t like to fight cause he will turn he fight into a show even if no one is around to see. He always tries not to show people his serious side due to the fact that he's mostly knew for being the claim and collective person. Cipher has a crippling fear of death due childhood to his and almost dying twice.  

Affiliation: Aizen then Alliance
History: Cipher was brought to La Noches by the Espada Luppy as an infant and was raised by him in secret until he was old enough to walk and talk. Shortly after his 10th birthday his father was killed number 6 Grimmjow and was left on his own as he doesn't know his mother so he vowed to become the one thing that his father wasn't, Strong no matter the cost. Cipher quickly moved up the ranks in Aizen's forces so much that he made him the caption of his own unit that was tasked with dealing with any runaway Arrancars that may have escaped their rooms. He was proud of his power but it wasn't enough for the Espotas to treat him like an equal but one day, when he came back from a mission Yami was in one of his moods and wanted to take his anger out on Cipher nearly breaking his mask completely if not for one of Stark walking by but this was a one time thing as Stark vanished from La Nochus.
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Phoenix Cipher
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