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PostSubject: Riku Kaizer   Riku Kaizer I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2016 11:12 pm

Name: Riku Kaizer
   Nickname/Alias: Riku
   Race: Visored
   Gender: Male
   Age: 267

   General Appearance:

Riku is seen mostly wearing a humble hooded robe. He always has his lantern with him anymore. The lantern is his shikai and he keeps it lit most of the time. He actually lazes around/sleeps most of the days away, but keeps a very steady watch over the night. He has very white skin with ornate tattoos scarcely scattered about his skin. His mask when adorned is rather simple and unassuming. He has a cold aura to him, that quickly goes away once someone gets to know him.

   Height: 6'2
   Weight: 187lbs

Riku is pretty kind and very relaxed. He is always looking to help people and the accidental hallowfication he went through, made that very hard for him for a time. He is very trusting of people, and as such is very angered by betrayal or what he feels is betrayal. It was a lot of work for the Alliance to gain his trust back. His kind nature gets the best of him though, and while he isn't trusting of the Alliance, he has given them a second chance and they have been proving themselves to him.

He doesn't like to be distrubed during the day, like at all. You had better be near dead if you disturb him or you will be. He works very efficiently when he chooses to though. He is an excellent investigator and has enough knowledge of things to get him in trouble. He doesn't know a lot actually but he knows who knows what and just goes to them when anything comes up. He isn't necessarily brave, but many confuse this as he just doesn't care, even about his own life. He is very quick to jump into danger most of the time, as long as he thinks it is the right course of action. He's not suicidal.

He is a very quick thinker and can be very strategic. He is very apathetic as well, believing emotions get in the way of rational thinking. He knows there is a place for emotions, but he doesn't tolerate out of place emotions, such as crying during a battle is very out of place and unnecessary. It can wait until afterward. He still does his best to care for his underlings though, as they are very important to him.

   Affiliation: Alliance
   History: Riku was a shinigami 100 years before these current times. He was in the seventh seat of division 1, but held a lot of promise and was rising fast through the ranks. Unfortunately he was investigating the disappearances that were going on at this time. Beginning to understand what was happening he went to visit Urahara about the situation. It seemed he had a grasp of what was going on as well, as he had begun to construct his hogyoku. Riku in search of Urahara wandered into his lab and ended up being an accidental test subject of the hogyoku. Realizing what had happened to him and how tabboo this was to soul society he ran. It was fortunate he did as he later heard about what happened to the main group of Visored. He wasn't intrested in their vigilante band, but he did keep a scarce relationship with Urahara.

Riku had continued to train his abilities during that time period and had unlocked his Bankai during then as well. He discovered his resurreccion during one of his fights with gillian class hallow. It was a long and arduous fight that started in the human world and extended all the way into hueco mundo. He discovered two things then: how to pass between the human world and hueco mundo and his own resurreccion. He met Ulquiora during one of his visits to Hueco Mundo as well. Ulquiora stated that since it wasn't his mission to kill him and he wasn't his mission to kill him, he wasn't interferring with him and he was part hallow that he wouldn't kill him at the time, which would have been easy for him then. He went about his own solo vigilante ways for quite a while until he heard about the formation of the alliance. He made his own reappearance before soul society after all these years of having been presumed dead during Aizen's hallowfication rampage.

He didn't like the idea of returning to Soul Society after what they did, but the new alliance was uncharacteristic of them, and perhaps this system should be given a chance. The gotei 13 were still unsure of the whole thing, but now another organization known as the alliance worked along side of them. The growing expanse of dangers becoming present to the shinigami gave rise to a need for new allies. This group of what some would call misfits has been proving to be instrumental. Esspecially with the return of Aizen. Hikari somehow convinced the soul king to return several of the arrancar and some not so friendly at that too. Ulquiora was among the returned and after his death, he had a slightly new look on things. He still followed Aizen, but was slightly obsessed with Orihime and her ideas. he sought out to find her, but was found by Nel and Riku instead. They agreed to allow him to meet with Orihime if he taught them how to unlock Segunda Epata. After several grueling weeks, they accomplished the training. Nel went on to teach everyone else, while Riku wasn't a teacher, and left the teaching to her. He still eagerly watched over the Visored and acted as their ambassador, which annoyed him as it meant he had to go to daytime meetings, but he is currently the only visored with the Segunda Epata.

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PostSubject: Re: Riku Kaizer   Riku Kaizer I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2016 10:55 pm

good to go
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Riku Kaizer
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