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Enter The Daishin

Kazuya Kawahiru [WIP] Bg9roz

I. Basic Information

» Name: Kazuya Kamui Kawahiru no Jiro, he goes by his middle and first names while the last part of his name states he is the second son of the Kawahiru Clan.
» Alias:
Captain Commander - Rank
Second God [Nidaime Kami] - Alias
» Age: 8,000
» Gender: As a Daishin he can manipulate his form, he is mainly seen as Male.

» Association: The Leader of the Shinigami Forces of the Alliance he shares the position with his brother: Tsukiya Kawahiru.

» Appearance Written: Kazuya's appearance starts with his lithe figure, there is a certain slimness to his body which makes him less intimidating to those that look upon him. His body is on that could not be called feminine yet it appears very brittle and weak.

When stripped of all clothing he reveals a well toned body, a big surprise to his weak appearance when clothed. He has slim shoulders which don't make him appear very strong but he has clearly defined abs, ceps and his muscle structure is well formed.

» Appearance Image: [Put an image of your character here if you have one]

II. Personality

» Personality: [Please describe your Shinigami's personality. Please be sure to use at least 5 sentences.]

III. History

» History: Kazuya's life starts many years ago, well before one could say the had lived as long. He was born eight thousand years ago to the Soul King as a Daishin.

IV. Equipment

» Equipment: [If your Shinigami has any equipment? Put it here. If they don't, skip this section.]

V. Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills

» Daishin Physiology:

» Transcendent Reiryoku: Standing as a full-blooded Daishin and heir to the Kawahiru Clan, Kazuya boasts a degree of spiritual power that is seemingly extraordinary even by the standards of the strongest Shinigami of Soul Society. Its presence is chilling and intense, as if a vengeful deity has descended to cast its wrath upon the world, causing seasoned warriors alike to back away almost out of an instinctual fear. Though he was born with tremendous potential, it was only through the man's desire to become strong and his efforts to master the spiritual arts that he was able to realise his own potential and grow even further; treading upon the realm of the gods. It is so powerful, so fiercely potent, that to release it as a pressure would be tantamount to an entire country being razed to the ground. Just by standing at the gates of the Seireitei, the entire Gotei 13 was able to feel his overwhelming spiritual power when he arrived to replace Former Captain Commander Yamamoto. Of course, as a master of the Kidō arts and as a being of tremendous power on a level all his own, He is not one to let loose his energy in such an unsightly manner. Only by his choosing can one who has not reached the same precipice perceive the true characteristics of his power. They are forced to simply feel the sensation of a fear that they can not explain, which is part of the reason why it has been a rare occurrence for him to be openly challenged. He has even managed to frighten those who carry the name of Kenpachi with nothing more than a glare.  Weaker physical and spiritual attacks are seemingly incapable of even reaching Kazuya's presence, let alone causing damage to his person. Their very existence is snuffed out. Similarly, the same is said for beings who drop their guard. The nature of his power is to attack the heart, based upon the influence his power has and subsequently the fear imposed on those who allow it to be perceived by their reikaku. When beings allow their hearts to be opened, usually through a sufficiently intense flux of emotion, they become easily susceptible to the presence of his spiritual power.

» Remarkable Strength: Considered an anomaly for those who specialize in Kidō, he boasts a rather impressive degree of physical strength. This is most likely due to the harsh training regimen he had been put through from childhood that slowly honed his fundamental strength and nurtured it into a weapon all its own. Of course, while Kazuya slowly began to move away from the use of physical crafts in combat, thus causing much of his physical potential to dwindle, he continued to occasionally engage in physical conditioning in order to maintain some degree of basic strength; though it could be said he does this as a form of respect for his late mentor. Kazuya was able to impale royal guard Ichibe Hyousube with his fingertips by a mere flick of the wrist, sending him spiraling down into the ground beneath where they were fighting. He was also able to throw him into a wall several kilometers away in one motion.

» Hakuda Adept: While preferring to finish his fights quickly with his Kidō, he is a highly capable fighter unarmed as well. In terms of combat, he uses a unique combination of three distinct martial arts: Hapkido, Aikido, and Taijiquan. Ideally, it can be said that Kazuya's style is never direct. It features movements that specialize in joint locks, aiming to take down an opponent with the least amount of force possible. Repeatedly, he has shown himself able to effortlessly catch his opponent's weapons barehanded. In a fight against multiple opponents, he is able to redirect assaults on his person and send off his attackers in different directions, all without needing to take even a single step forward or backward. He is also able to use counters and dodge an opponent's attack by the slightest margin, meaning that he can easily fool an opponent into thinking their physical attack had made contact, only for him to counter and crush the opponent where they stand using their own force. In very specific circumstances, the nature of his martial arts can change almost drastically. Changing from soft to hard style, Kazuya's martial arts is a mixture of Xingyiquan and Long-Ying Kung Fu, aiming to crush and annihilate an opponent's body to a bloody mess of broken bones. While fighting offensively, he has shown tremendous agility and dexterity, able to combine both sword and barehanded skills to simultaneously strike with his sword and kick opponents with great force.

» Immense Speed: Though not directly seen, both Kazuya and his brother have been able to disappear from sight and sense within seconds. During battle, he is shown to leave afterimages of himself. Whether this indicates that he is using a form of speed acceleration or not has yet to be revealed. The sound he makes when moving is like that of Sonído, but he disclaims having knowledge of such a technique. His speed is great enough that he can appear to be in several places at once and wipe out an entire Onmitsukidō squadron in seconds. He can easily close tremendous gaps of distance in the blink of an eye while remaining undetected, as shown from his ability to surprise his older brother, who is one of the most proficient in the art as well. His already overwhelming speed had enhanced to almost unimaginable levels. His speed is the greatest seen in the Kawahiru clan, being so swift, not even his brother can see his movement's sometimes, let alone mentally register them. When Kazuya said he would slow down in his attacks, those same strikes appear as simple twitches if anything.

  • Saja (사절단, Emissary): An ancient secret technique passed down by the Kawahiru leaders of the past, for their knowledge and use only. Yukino, being the current remaining Kawahiru leader, passed down the technique to Kazuya alone. As stated by Kazuya, it allows one to transcend the dimensional boundaries of existence. The worlds are shown to have three physical dimensions, along with the fourth; the fourth known as time, or also as space-time. This technique allows Kazuya to enter the dimensions that are physically unattainable, such as the fourth and beyond. An example of this was when his brother used a cube-shaped Kidō to protect himself from Kazuya's assaults, only for the latter to slip through the fourth dimension, and enter as if there was nothing dividing the two brothers apart.

» Unrivaled Genius & Manipulator: Kazuya is a man of astonishing intellect and manipulation. His most noticeable trait is his ability to deceive and manipulate others around them in multiple manners. His strategic ability was also shown in his swordsmanship combat. Applying the principles of Kuzusu and traditional Seijin form, he often took advantage of his superior defensive capabilities and position on the battlefield to win his battles with as little effort exhausted as possible. Shin had said that one of Kazuya's greatest skills was the way he could manipulate beings, of both good or evil. It was mentioned by an old enemy that Kamui's very voice had a hypnotic lull to it whenever he was outwardly speaking, thus a testament to his superior manipulative abilities.

VI. Sealed Powers

» Shikigami Name: Karasu [Crow]

» Shikigami Appearance: Often taking the form of a crow with pitch black feathers Kazuya's spirit is often seen as his messenger and also his spy.

» Sealed Power:

VII. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: [What is your shinigami's release pharse?]

» Shikai Appearance: [What does your Shinigami look like when released?]

» Shikai Abilities: [What abilities does your Shinigami gain when releasing?]

VIII. Bankai Powers

» Bankai Appearance: [What does your Shinigami look like when released in their bankai?]

» Bankai Abilities: [What abilities does your Shinigami attain in Bankai?]

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