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 Khornate Bellator (Done (brief))

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Khornate Bellator

Khornate Bellator

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PostSubject: Khornate Bellator (Done (brief))   Khornate Bellator (Done (brief)) I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2016 8:04 pm

Khornate Bellator (Done (brief)) 63670d18b32369a97f908826cc5aca56

Khornate Bellator

Discipline leads to Victory
It is Victory in War that brings Immortality
Immortality is the Gift of Chaos
In exchange, Chaos demands Blood
Thus, Blood must be ever spilt
Therefore, Eternal Life demands Eternal War
Eternal War demands Eternal Discipline
Chaos will always have Blood: Yours or Theirs

Name: Khornate Bellator
Nickname/Alias: Wandering Nightmare
Race: Arrancar
Gender: Male
Age: 10,500

General Appearance: Khornate Bellator has very large and defined broard shoulders which compliments the rest of his extremely muscular body. This gives Khornate a rather intimidating appearance, most if not all beings would prefer to avoid this monstrous arrancar. If others weren't so often under his gaze his intimidating aura would probably go away.

It doesn't help that Khornate never reveals his face, nor does he take his armour off. For this he is seen as a mysterious stranger to others. However under all his amrour he has marks of chaos burnt into his skin from his accident into the Warp. These Chaos marks all being the same and are each located on each of his limbs. Khornate had attained these marks prior to escaping his hellish nightmare voyage into the Warp. If someone was to see these marks they would probably see them as primitive and mysterious.


Khornates skin colour used to be a light Olive but changed when he got the Melanochrome. Now it is hard to determine Khornates skin colour and eye colour. Khornate is young in appearance, ranging around 20's to early 30's in look.

Khornates  reiatsu in terms of colour is a pinky and chaotic red, when Khornate releases a sufficient amout fo reiatsu it appears to turn into fire and electricity.

Khornates armour is thick and covers his whole body being red with gold trimmings, and having spikes and other docor attached to it.

Khornate also has alot of Genetic modifications and mutations partaining to his current appearance. All of which created and inplanted by Ame Hana.

Height: 9ft/2.74m(while Unarmoured) and 10ft/3.05m(while armoured)
Weight: 950lbs/430kg(while Unarmoured) and 2050lbs/930kg(while armoured)
The reason for Khornates height and weight is because of all the Genetic moditifications and mutations within his body.

Personality: Khornate is a crazed warrior of war, creating bloodshed where none is needed and killing the innocent for no reason. He is blunt and often unkind to others roaming anywhere and doing anything he wishes. He has a vast knowledge of war tactics and an even vaster knowledge of fighting. While he may seem bezerk most of the time he is actually quite the observer. However under all his hatred, rage, spite... Khornate is surprisingly the father type. The one thing he cannot kill are those he considers family and only one has reached that point.

Affiliation: N/A
History: Mentally Khornate is around 10 thousand years old. During his younger years of being an Arrancar when his powers had just come into place they were uncontrollable and He had put himself accidentally into the warp (A psychic alternate dimension that is made completely of soul essencense , were thoughts and feelings become reality. Where the actions of Real-space reflect continuously. A realm of infinite turmoil) After finally being able to control his power enough he was able to get out, but it had been 10,000 years later. He was no longer who he once, he went in as an Arrancar who was once peaceful and looked young in appearance (like a child). However came out at the age of an adult because of the Warps foul and corrupt energies, now a warrior of infinite war. Once a child clueless and inoccent to a warrior crazed to kill, shed blood, and bring war. During his time of being finally set free, he took on the job of a mercenary. Accepting tasks that would grant him power or just the ability to slaughter others. This is when he was met by Aizen who offered him tasks and in turn Aizen promised him power. A young arrancar Named Ame Hana had the incredible ability to be able to grow flesh,organs and other organic materials off of her body that could suit anyones blood type, and adapt to them perfectly. As well as have an amazing ability to heal others. Khornate was offered genetic implants for the tasks he would complete. However at some point he had gained a sense of his old personality back and saw the girl as a slave being mistreated by Aizen. Out of Rage of having to remember his eternal torture within the warp, he freed the girl and took away from Aizens reach. She swore to forever stay by his side, and he swore that he would gladly give his own life to protect her, the one thing he truly cared about. This would lead up to the current point in his life Roaming Hueco Munco in search of battle, while being acompanied by the one who considered him a father.

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PostSubject: Re: Khornate Bellator (Done (brief))   Khornate Bellator (Done (brief)) I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2016 12:44 am

It looks good, just a little more in depth on the history.

Sail on a sweet silver mist
Khornate Bellator (Done (brief)) Latest?cb=20131208072749
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Khornate Bellator

Khornate Bellator

Posts : 7
Join date : 2016-05-24

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PostSubject: Re: Khornate Bellator (Done (brief))   Khornate Bellator (Done (brief)) I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2016 12:48 am

rechonq wrote:
It looks good, just a little more in depth on the history.

I'm gonna do a heap of updates overtime... This is just the general idea of History... I'm actually going to write the history in a sort of first person tense from Khornate... Him explaining his story, it'd be more interesting...

Everything else will also be updated.
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PostSubject: Re: Khornate Bellator (Done (brief))   Khornate Bellator (Done (brief)) I_icon_minitime

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Khornate Bellator (Done (brief))
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