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PostSubject: Kori Kujaku Fenikkusu   Kori Kujaku Fenikkusu I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2016 9:37 pm

Name: Kori Kujaku Fenikkusu (Ice Peacock Phoenix)

Manifestation: In Shikai is Kori Kujaku is a small bird Blue Bird with two heads and four wings on both sides and a has what looks like a mask over its eyes and two short tales with one long on in the middle. at the end of each tale is an orb that a has a three feathers inside it.

In Bankai Kujaku is a fully grown bird with blue flames radiating from its whole body that still has the four wings on each side. Now the two short tales have two more tales on their sides as they have grown to the sam length as the one in the middle and its mask now only covers the eye's  making them pure white. The second head detached itself and now is an orb that sits in front of its neck.

Level of Mastery: Shikai and Bankai

Element: Water and Ice

Sealed Zanpakuto: A short katana with a silver blade that has a flat top with a black handle with a spiral cross guard and the shift is blue with yellow rope around it.


Release Phrase ShiKai: May your Icy beauty Kill All Kōri kujaku (Ice Peacock)

[shikai]Initial Release: Its normal form with Ice talons on his hands

Shikai Ability: Create Feathers made of thin water making look like ice that freeze whatever they come in contact with.


Release Phrase Banki: Tare into the blazing Sky No furosuto Fenikkusu (Frost of Phoenix)

Bankai form: Ice Wings on his back the blade take more of a Clever look to it and four Smaller blades floating behind him.

Bankai Ability: Freeze the Air around him to heal himself and others by freezing air around the wound it creates an ice patch that uses a small amount of the person('s) spirit p to heal it and allows him to make clones made of Ice  

Techniques: Dance of the Ice Peacock - Creates a Start that burns anyone into until they are frozen

First Wing- Sends a burst of Freezing air at the person in front of him.

Second Wing- Creates small birds made of Ice and water that explode.

Kujaku cage- surrounds the person with pillars of Ice that contain water inside them and burst in when closed on them
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Kori Kujaku Fenikkusu
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