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PostSubject: Riku powers   Riku powers I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2016 12:31 am

Name: Whisper's Echo

Manifestation: A wil-o-wisp


Release Phrase ShiKai: Let them hear your whisper's echo

Level: Bankai

Element: Light

Sealed Zanpakuto: A stick with a flame on the end of it.

Initial Release: A cane with a lantern on the end

Shikai Ability: Riku can summon several wisps and depending on the wisp various abilities accompany it. They can only be controlled within a meter of his body.


Release Phrase Banki: Let the light of silence embrace you.

Bankai form: A Lamppost

Bankai Ability: Same as before, but now many wisps can be formed and controlled at a great distance.

Red wisp - Healing
Orange wisp - Increased Strength
Yellow wisp - Fire Damage
Green - Acid Damage
Blue - Freezing Damage
Purple - Harder to summon and control, but does Fire, Acid and Freezing Damage
White - Like Purple does the three damages, but is easier to summon and control. It only works on hallows though. Hitting anything else with the white wisp will be absolutely useless.


First Form: He sprouts feathery antennae and wings that fold flat to his back. Each eye splits into three and the hairs along his body stand on end.

Segunda Epata: His eyes split into seven and his skin becomes darker and brownish.

Abilities: With each release in addition to increased power, his reaction time, speed and durability are increased significantly as well.

Sail on a sweet silver mist
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