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PostSubject: alice surkato (done)   alice surkato (done) I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2016 7:55 pm

Name: alice surkato
Nickname/Alias: scream queen
Race: Shinigami
Gender: herm
Age: 212

General Appearance:  Alice is a tall toned woman with dark skin blue eyes and blonde hair. Standing about 6'9 and weighting in about 120 pounds. Her blond hair goes down to her back.  Her breast are around 36 DDD. Making her a very good looking woman.  

Her tall toned form is imposing to some of her fellow soul reapers. Her long hair is some times tied in to a pony tail. She is seen with a crazed smile on her face. Her toned frame suggest she use to workout when she was alive. That frame is something she takes a lot of pride in as while as other aspects of her appearance. She also walks around like she is wearing invisible chains.

despite her crazed smile she is seen as attractive. But her height makes her seem unreachable to others. And while to some that may be the case it saddens her to think so. and she will often kneel down to talk to others. she also leads squad 14.

Height: 6'9
Weight: 120

Personality:  while in combat she goes into a crazed killer like state where she is known to be out of control. though she has learned to focus that state on hallows. her crazed state known as scream queen unchained.

Is rarely seen outside of combat during her down time she is very calm even though signs of that unchecked insanity is under the surface. Due to this she can sometimes come off as unstable and bizarre. When in her free time she is very friendly and kind.

And its hard to tell that there is a chained up beast under that kind personalty. she loves hanging out with other soul reapers. She sees them as her family. she would give her life to pertact the innocents that live in the human world.

She believes that is her duty and honor to do so and views hallows as sad helpless souls in pain.  Because of that she takes no pleasure in fighting them but has a issue with controlling herself in battle.

Affiliation: Alliance

History: arning this may have to much blood gore and volainace for some  roleplayers.

Born two hundred and 12 years ago  to a royal jappeance family. Alice lived a care free and happy life  she had a love for music even at a young age.  At the age of ten she learned to sing and play classical music at the age of of 14 she was well know in her village for her voice and musical ability.

her mother is a arrsoukato even though she herself was born human when she died she was not made into a hallow but instead was allowed to enter the soul society and began training as a soul reaper.  She quickly rose tough the ranks and gained her banaki within the ten years it takes. she is now at the level of a captain. however thing would ounce again turn bad for her during azian's attack on her new home. she was kidnapped and forced to under go terrible things that would later turn her into a viord.

She was later freed of course. Now she is appealing to be come a captain of one of the squads.  however during her time locked away she was stabbed beat injected with hallow energy then beat stabbed over and over again. she tried many times to get away.

Eatch time she tried however she would always found and the beatings would get worse. There was times when she almost died. And she would have if not for some of the female espade who kept her alive.  She even was able to be friends with them.  They would keep her alive  While she was there.

She then started to hear a hallow's voice in  her own head.  Telling her that she was her swords twin.  And that Alice herself was now a visord. While it would be sometime before she was freed form her chains she kept a smile on her face. And spent a lot of her time in her inner world training her new power.

while she has control over stage one and stage two of her mask. Her hallow has Told her it is to early to teach her control over stage three of it. she still hasn't reached the point where she can control it. while her hallow will at times take over. it is only during when she is trying to control stage three of her mask.

During this time she was usely wandering around. Wearing her mask and slicing things up. when she would regain control over her own body she would black out.
After those blackout times would come to an end. She would vaguely remember what she was like when her hallow was in control. She doesn't remember all of it just most.

Around a month later she was freed and brought back. To her fellow soul reapers and was sent to squad four for healing. While on the surface she doesn't seem that far off. There is a sance of insanity just blow it. And it shows in her appearance. While she has had to deal with this she has more control over herself then it seems.
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alice surkato (done)
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