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PostSubject: Hamura Kawahiru [WIP]   Hamura Kawahiru [WIP] I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2016 5:12 am

Name: Hamura Kawahiru
Kitsune-sennin [Fox Sage]
Sage of the Six Paths
Captain Commander
Race: Daishin
Gender: Male
Age: 4000+

General Appearance: Hamura is a fairly tall, slim, and fit man with a rather youthful face despite his age. He, unlike all members of his clan, possesses dark scarlet amber eyes, and also has long silver hair with a lavendar tint that hangs near his cheeks to frame his face. Most noticeably is his eyes, which are always kept half-way opened to imply a sense of boredom and uncaring. He also had, at one time, the addition of a long ponytail in the back of his hair. He wears a white Shihakushō uniform but it is customized and partly resembles a korean-style taekkyeon uniform with an upturned collar and hakama. He now wears a long, white robe over his normal hakama. He is later seen wearing a white hakama, instead of the black ones he was last seen in. Hamura wears his robe open in a narrow 'V' down to his waist, closed to below the hips, then open again to the hem, which falls about mid-calf. His robe has long bell sleeves, into which he hides his hands like one does with kimono sleeves. The lining of the robe and edges or layers of the under-robe(s) appear to be black. From other examples, it is likely he is also wearing black tabi with white waraji. His Zanpakutō is not visible with this outfit; however, it is revealed that he wears it on his back waist at an angle.

When arriving in Soul Society, Kamui notes that it is almost exactly like the uniform that their father wore during his initial reign as Spirit King. Hamura's attire consists of white sashinuki hakama, worn only by himself and Kamui, tied by a wide black obi around his waist which keeps his Zanpakutō fastened to his left hip; unlike most obi, it's belt ends hang downwards on the left side. The top consists of a thin white dobok, which splits downwards and apart evenly. Over this, Hamura wears a long white robe that has similar bell sleeves to Ichimaru's former uniform. Leading up to his shoulders, both sleeves sport a thick long black bar running down the length of each white sleeve; these black bars are also shown to be on his hakama, running down the length of his legs on the outer edges. Similar to Aizen's uniform, Hamura also possesses a white collar that is kept up, but only block the view of his chin area. The black bars that extend to the shoulders also run up the collar on each opposite side. It should also be noted that Hamura's expression with this new appearance is more calm and peaceful, with an air of humility.

Despite his haori appearing to be very similar to his former one, Hamura explains that the haori he wears is the one that Shōyō meant for the successor to the Seiten Shiranui-ryū, and that the one he wore earlier was merely a replica of the original haori. Unlike the replica, the real haori is crafted from a very rare material that is nearly impossible to find. The purpose of the armor plates are unclear, if they serve any. Underneath, Hamura wears the same kosode that was worn by Shōyō in many of the flashbacks regarding the latter. These plates were later replaced with silver armour metal plates on both of his shoulders that appear as collars surrounding his face and extend outwards down his arms, while also adding the metal band around his waist which connects to three individual silver armor pieces hanging from the front of his waist and on both sides of his hips; similar to the entire armored attire worn by Kyebaek Tae, which is said to be worn by "warlords of Soul Society's history".

When in the Human World, usually when frolicking among other humans or when deciding to engage other mortals he deems interesting in martial art sparring matches to test their mettle, he is known to take advantage of his Kitsune abilities as well as his complete control over his own body through martial arts mastery to craft himself in an entirely new appearance. While his choice of clothing is often random, typically featuring comfortable fitting robes found in the chinese martial arts, the most significant change is that he has appeared to age drastically while his hair has grown a bit longer and his facial hair has lengthened considerably. He takes on the alias, Yín Méi (銀眉 (イェン・メイ), Yinmei; Chinese for "Silver Eyebrows", a reference to Bái Méi), whenever in this form. As a Daishin-born Kitsune, he is most commonly seen in his human-like form, despite the fact that the abilities of a Kitsune still present themselves in this aforementioned state through his Hakuda capabilities. However, he can take on his true form as a Kitsune upon personal preference, which was often the case whenever he invoked his innate Kitsune abilities prior to properly mastering them. In doing so, his hair lengthens and becomes far more untamed, with a pair of fox ears forming at the top of his head. His eyes becoming a piercing yellow in contrast to the calm pale amber they originally were, while exerting an intense foreboding gaze from them, much like that of a predator seeking its kill. He is classified as a Kyūbi (九尾, "Nine-Tails"), and thus, nine magnificent white fox tails form behind him, completing his transformation. When completely revealing his Kitsune nature, he fully transforms into a large nine-tailed fox with snow white fur.

Height: 6"1'
Weight: 82 kg

Personality: (A description of what your character is like right now. Three paragraphs prefered)

Affiliation: Alliance
History: (The past of your character. Three paragraphs prefered)
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Hamura Kawahiru [WIP]
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