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 Tiger Dragon Pince

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PostSubject: Tiger Dragon Pince    Sat Jun 18, 2016 10:29 pm

Name: Bya & KKo (Shikai) Berserker Byakko (Bankai)

Manifestation:(What your zanpakuto spirit looks like?)

Level: Shikai

Element: Light, Dark, Gravity, Illusions, Poison,etc)

Sealed Zanpakuto:
has a tiger like print on the shif that changes also has a small crescent moon on the end of it.

ShiKai: Split the beast soul and Kill your pray Bya-kko

[shikai]Initial Release: A pair of two Tiger claws on both wrist one having blue tiger strips and the other having white on them but both having a Crescent moon on them.

Shikai Ability: KKo is an Invisible shield that is always around Shojo that also boosts Shojo's hearing.

Bya can leave a marker on the enemy if they are hit by his claws.


Release Phrase Banki: Destroy all within heaven Seinto Beast Berserker Byakko!

Bankai form: Transforms into Shojo's into a Tiger warrior with a Tiger pelt around his waits and Tiger Claws on both his hands and feet. Also his teeth become more like a Tigers Teeth.

Bankai Ability: By Throwing small amounts of his Fur he can

-Create a zone that stops the enemy from leaving
-Make small explosion
-Sowing a marker on the enemy that slowly takes there spiritual energy away

Techniques: Seinto Crescent
Dance of the Moon Tiger (second bullet point on Bankai)
Zone (First bullet point Bankai)
Kko sheild
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Tiger Dragon Pince
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